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Kisembo Simba Uganda is a private tours and travel company based in Uganda and specializing in tailor-made and set departure holidays around East Africa [Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda]. The love to connect travel with charity is one of the major visions for Kisembo Simba Uganda, whereby 5% of the money paid for any trip goes to support charity cause. In this case we have partnered with the Uganda based Umoja African which is a non-profit organization supporting development in Uganda We aim at becoming a reputable, quick and trusted tours and travel service provider through organizing customized and tailor made tour packages for our clients.
Our size is also a big part of our success. We’re large enough to undertake the biggest holiday Safaris, for all East African Based best destinations, From solo travelers to group safaris, we have trained and enforced best Practices to considering professional tour guides and comfortable Accommodations.

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I had a good day in Queen Elizabeth national park. I saw every animal and saw a salt lake and made a boat trip for a really good price. Kisembo explains well. I would recommend.
We had great time with Kisembo as a guide to Kidepo national park, all went well, we saw many animals it was an amazing experience,
I recommend