Go travel. Go discover. remember us !

My name is Kisembo.  I am the Traveler…

I started Kisembo Simba Uganda.  I never thought I would start my company but I love my country and I love where I live because it is so beautiful.  

I really wanted to share it all with other people and my friends around me because they had never seen the real beauty of Uganda.  I had to show them by traveling and taking them with me.

The more I traveled the more I fell in love with the beauty, the people, the culture…It was all so amazing!!

How we work for you ?

Through this website I’ve tried to make it easy to share the wonders of Uganda, my home, and Rwanda and if you choose to you can go right ahead and book your dream safari with us through this site

So many people were saying that traveling was too expensive, that traveling is only for the rich people but I thought I would try.

By the time I started traveling I realized that it’s not about money, it’s about passion.  So that’s when I thought about starting Kisembo Simba Uganda so that I could make it easy for my friends.  To show them the beauty of my country.  I didn’t want to be selfish and keep all of this to myself.

I needed to share it and uncover it’s beauty together.

Why Choose Us for travel ?

We are incredibly affordable.  We give you exactly what you want as we can tailor your safari to you.

We will give you the hospitality and welcoming feeling that only Uganda can offer.

Join us on a magical journey.  An experience of a lifetime.  Memories that will not be easily forgotten.